If that's you, you've come to the right place.

You know, deep in your heart, that if you do what everyone else does, you'll get exactly what everyone else does.

And in a pitch meeting, that means that if you do what everyone else does, you're going to get nothing.

Have no fear, we coach people through their pitch meetings all the time.

There are some very specific techniques that help you cut through the noise and make that good impression. We show you what those are, and we show you how to use them.

Our clients work for companies like:

Who they are and what they want to do:

+ A bank executive who only has 6 minutes to explain to the London head why the Pakistan branches should be kept open.

+ An insurance company CEO who wants to improve the investor conference call skills of his IR team.

+ A trade association board member who is opening the association’s annual meeting.

+ A marketing director who needs to explain to financial markets why his company is still the market leader.

+ A portfolio management VP who is speaking on a panel about corporate debt in emerging markets.



VIP Strategy Retainer

A more intensive, more customized engagement.

Service typically includes:

  • Speechwriting
  • Message focusing
  • Delivery training
  • SWOT evaluations

This service is usually reserved for an organization’s CEO and C-level executives, and will typically last six to 18 months.

Think of it as keeping a writing, speaking, and presentation consultant on retainer.

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Thought Leader Package

Wouldn't pitching new business be a lot easier if your prospects already knew who you were when you walked in the room?

You want to be better known in your industry, but you don't have the time. You're busy putting out fires.

If you've already been speaking at conferences for a while, and you want to take your reputation to the next level, this is the package for you.

Service includes:

  • Ghost-written thought leadership articles
  • Speechwriting assistance
  • Advanced presentation training
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Audit and Roadmap Plus

You probably have a few communication habits that are keeping you from the big time. You probably can't see them, but outsiders can. A&R Plus exists to point those things out and train you how to overcome them.

You send us a few examples of what you've done in the past (speech videos, slide decks, etc), and we'll point out what underutilized opportunities we see for you, and draw up a custom-made road map to help you get started making the most of them.

Then you pick out the skills that are the highest priority for you, and we train you up on those.

You've done an excellent job laying your reputational groundwork up to his point. But now take it to the next level with some help from the professionals.

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Pitch Diagnostic

Our basic, “one-off” service. Essentially, we’re helping you improve a specific pitch presentation.

Here’s how the “Basic” service works:

  1. You submit your pitch presentation to us
  2. We evaluate it
  3. We send you a report with at least 3 recommendations for improving it

Your career is riding on your pitch. Shouldn’t you get some professional advice?

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