They're your ideas. Your expertise.

But you know that if you don't express them clearly, your potential investors aren't going to bite.

There are some very specific ways to get what you want. We show you what those are, and we give you the tools you need to use them.

Our clients work in Frontier and Emerging Markets for companies like:

Who they are and what they wanted to do:

+ A bank executive who had only 3 minutes to explain to investors why the Pakistan branches should be kept open.

+ An insurance company CEO who wanted to improve the quarterly conference call skills of his IR team.

+ A trade association board member who was opening the association’s annual meeting.

+ A marketing director who needed to explain to financial markets why his company was still the market leader.

+ A portfolio management VP who was speaking on a panel about corporate debt in emerging markets.



Frontier Markets package

Professionally-written and -designed communications to help you connect more professionally with your investors.

Includes components like:

  • Ghostwritten newsletter (your ideas, our words, your name)
  • Customized infographics to help explain your investments
  • Tear-sheet redesign and rewrite

Project duration: Usually about 3-6 months.

Emerging Markets package - Beginner

Ideal for preparation for one particular investor meeting.


  • Content design
  • Custom-made investor presentation / pitchbook
  • Training sessions to improve your delivery techniques

Project duration: Usually about 6-8 weeks; starts 6-8 weeks before the meeting, and then ends on the meeting date.

Emerging Markets package - Advanced

Ideal for investor meeting preparation and followup, and allows you to give a whole new level of individualized followup to each of your target investors.

Includes components in Basic, plus:

  • Story vetted by outside parties during content design
  • Individualized shortlist followup after the meetings
  • Marketing automation for followup outside of shortlist
  • Infographics-on-demand for after the meetings
  • FAQ scripts (includes mp3 recordings)
  • Conference call practice
  • Ongoing messaging optimization
  • Ongoing slide updates

Project duration: Usually about 4 months; starts 6-8 weeks before the meeting, and then continues about 2 months after the meeting date.

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