When you connect with your foreign customers on a deeper level, your relationship with them is about more than price and delivery schedules.

But doing that is hard. They speak a different language. They have weird habits. They grew up with a different cultural background.

We help you connect better with your foreign customers. We help you with the words and visual aids you’ll need to resonate with them better, so you and your company become more than just a supplier of commodity widgets.

Our clients work for companies like:



Company Cleanup

A more complete overhaul of your portfolio company's internal and external financial communications. Ideal for those situations where a company that can play in a higher league would mean a better return for you.

Typically includes components like:

  • Story vetted by outside parties during content design
  • Individualized shortlist followup after meetings with potential investors
  • Marketing automation for followup outside of shortlist
  • Infographics-on-demand for after the meetings
  • FAQ scripts (includes mp3 recordings)
  • Conference call practice
  • Ongoing messaging optimization
  • Ongoing slide updates

Project duration: Usually about 4-6 months.

Management Presentation Prep

Ideal for preparing your portfolio companies for meetings with buyers.


  • Content design
  • Custom-designed investor presentation / pitchbook
  • Training sessions to improve management team's delivery techniques

Project duration: Usually about 6-8 weeks; starts 6-8 weeks before the meeting, and then ends on the meeting date.

Curious what the process looks like? Go here.

Advisory retainer

Ideal for PE companies that want to make sure their portfolio companies are leaders of investor marketing and communication practices.

Typically includes things like:

  • Presentation skills diagnostics
  • Investor meeting practice
  • Industry leadership article assistance
  • Investor communications troubleshooting
  • Unlimited 24/7 access via phone, email, and chat

Project duration: Retainer is quarterly.