Interview with Memet Yazıcı

Baldwin and Matt interviewed Memet Yazıcı, Managing Partner of TRPE Capital. Memet speaks here about preparing for pitch meetings, a portfolio company’s management team’s role in telling the company’s story, and the importance of relationships with LPs.

Interview with Roland Meerdter

Baldwin and Matt interviewed Roland Meerdter, co-founder of Door Ventures. Roland speaks here about streamlining the DDQ process, the origins of Door, how standardized DDQs evolve over time, and how digitalization is affecting the due diligence process.

Interview with Kyle Dunn

Baldwin and Matt interviewed Kyle Dunn, CEO of Meyler Capital. Kyle speaks here about marketing in the fund world, and what opportunities fund managers are missing, and that performance is vital, but it’s table stakes, it’s like BMW saying, “Our cars run good.”

Tsufit on speaking at conferences

Tsufit started out as a lawyer, singer, and actress, and for over 15 years now she has been coaching others to step into the spotlight. In fact, she wrote a book titled exactly that: “Step Into The Spotlight!”

Baldwin Berges on speaking at conferences

Baldwin Berges spent years in the investment world, helped companies raise money, and is now helping them clarify their messages, making complex ideas simple to understand. In this interview he talks a bit about speaking at conferences, and gives some tips to other speakers.

Erik Vos on speaking at conferences

Erik Vos has worked and presented in 91 countries and counting. In this interview he talks a bit about speaking at conferences, and gives some tips to other speakers.

Zeynep Stefan on moderating a panel

Zeynep Stefan has been in the insurance and risk management business for over 10 years. In this interview she talks a bit about moderating a panel.

Kill your darlings

Before all the other important stuff you might want to know about presenting, the single most important step is a brutal one.

The “political changes” question in emerging markets

Another question that often comes up in investor conference calls will be, especially in emerging markets, “How are political or regulatory changes affecting the business environment?” The way your company chooses to answer this question is a stylistic difference. There is rarely a right or wrong.

Wherever you look…

Wherever you look, your audience is probably going to look there too. This is a human trait. You’re not going to get around it.

Office hours

UPDATE: As of March 2017, Matt’s public office hours have been replaced by “members only” office hours. For the location of the members-only office hours, please see: Matt holds weekly office hours on Thursdays at 3pm (Istanbul time) at Muizz, the restaurant on the ground floor of the Gonen Otel in Taksim (click here

Get to work

“The amateur believes he must first overcome his fear; then he can do his work. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome.”

Cultivating audience participation

An audience that knows it’s okay to participate is an audience that is more likely to come up to you after the speech, or at the breaks, to introduce themselves and find out more.

What’s behind that 25 times

There’s more behind that “practice 25 times” advice than just an unthinking “more practice is good, so get a lot of it.”

Here’s what’s behind it…


It’s BizDev on steroids, and we’re your personal trainer.

Freelancers’ Show

Welcome to the Freelancer’s Show podcast listeners! Here are a couple things to reinforce what we discussed on the show. Just sign up with your email address, and we’ll send them along to you. They are: a brief guide covering the three mindset changes (otherwise known as “attitude adjustments”) we recommend to our clients before

Email styles

A great cartoon showing one of the main differences between executive and associate email styles…

Mindset change

Why the Tips and Tricks is a weekly email series, not a once-and-done ebook.

The moral of the story

There are 5 components to most stories. 4 of them are pretty easy to convey to the audience, but one is not. Here are a couple tips for closing the gap on that one.

Reader question: feel sense describe about numbers

One of our Tips & Tricks recipients watched the Feel Sense Describe video, and asked, “That’s nice, but how do I do that when I’m talking about numbers?” Good question. Here’s a voice recording with two suggestions.

The Jesse Interviews

Jesse Scinto, our head speechwriter and presentation trainer, is a faculty member at the Strategic Communications department at New York’s Columbia University. So, understandably, we are proud of him and happy to have him on our team. In these interview highlights, Jesse discusses techniques for connecting with your audience, for persuading them over to your

Why we don’t do many one- or two-day trainings

Why we don’t do many one- or two-day trainings We get a lot of requests for one- or two-day trainings, but we don’t do very many of them. Why? It is almost impossible to make a deep change in someone’s life, or in a company’s performance, in one or two days, and we are not

Stories happen in the listeners’ heads

New Service: Test My Presentation. You send us your presentation, we suggest how you can improve it. Click here for more info. Pro Tip: Use this service once a month, and watch your presentation skills rise up to the next level. It’ll be like your own personal communications seminar! Transcript: The title of this segment