The main idea:

I was an import buyer for years, so I know from personal experience that price and delivery schedules are just table stakes. Big deals are actually won on your ability to clearly and comfortably communicate with your customer.

Practice speaking with me first, so you are more comfortable doing it with your customer.

What you get:

  • Initial intake to test your skills and identify weak points.
  • Road map and time estimates, so you can keep track of your progress and know about when you'll be reaching your language goals.
  • Twice-weekly 30-minute classes (one hour per week).
  • Short daily speech prompts, individualized for you and your professional goals.
  • Weekly "what's the difference" video lessons to help you upgrade your vocabulary.
  • Twice-weekly reading comprehension and vocabulary-building exercises, tailored to you and your professional goals.
  • Plus, during the week, call or email Matt 24/7 for proofreading a document, checking an email, prepping for a big meeting, etc (hint: this is a great opportunity to review and cleanup the company presentation you use when you visit your customers).


Instructor: Matt Krause (for more info about Matt see his personal website or LinkedIn profile)
Location: Online (Skype videoconference, for example)
Time: Flexible, depends on your schedule
Cost: US$480 per month for the one-on-one version, paid quarterly
Payment: Cash, bank transfer, or credit card

Note: There are no refunds. If you cannot attend class one week, that is perfectly fine. We will do everything we can to help you make progress that week, but we can't refund your money for that week. You are not paying for face-time. You are paying for progress.