Audit and Roadmap Plus

How it works:


  1. You send us a few examples of what you’ve done in the past (speech videos, slide decks, etc), and fill out a questionnaire to help us better understand what your goal is and how we can help you.
  2. We schedule a time to talk on the phone for about an hour, to dive deeper into your materials and the answers you gave on the questionnaire.
  3. We take about a week or two to digest your materials and write up our roadmap for you.
  4. We send you your roadmap and give you a few days or a week to absorb it.
  5. We schedule another time to talk on the phone for about an hour, to go over the roadmap and answer any questions you have.

That part of the process takes about a month.


  1. We schedule six 60-90 minute training sessions to train you on the highest-priority skills you picked out.

This part of the process takes a week or two if you schedule the training sessions close, but more normal is one session per week, so this part of the process typically takes about two months.

In total, the Audit and Roadmap Plus sequence takes about three months.

And by the way, even when your project is done, you still get unlimited access to our weekly office hours for a year. Imagine that, whenever you get stuck on something for a year, being able to get help from the professionals!

Audit and Roadmap Plus